Strategic Marketing

I am focused on assisting small, medium and emerging businesses to tailor their marketing strategy for their niche market, long-range business goals and budgetary requirements.  

Grounded firmly in a background of market research, I gather data and analyze key performance indicators to create short-term initiatives and long-range action plans.   We can craft the way forward together!

Brand and Identity Management

The same way it is difficult to follow a story that keeps changing the narrator or to follow a film that jumps from one scene to another without any overarching story, it is difficult for a customer to understand and relate to your company and its product branding if there is no consistency. 

Good branding creates a unique, identifiable voice, look and a recognizable personality for your company or your products.  I can assist you in all the aspects of brand management.

  • Brand audit and customer perception research

  • Development of new branding for companies, divisions and individual product lines

  • Creation of brand guidelines to ensure uniformity of materials 

  • Review of new materials to ensure adherence with existent branding and company voice

Action Plans

There is no shortage of marketing approaches in the marketplace.  The key to success is to discern which pf these myriad of ideas will work for your unique business needs and customer profile.


Every company needs a strategic data-driven action plan which coordinates sales initiatives across available marketing channels and maximizes effectiveness while minimizing costs. I will do the research and assist your in developing your long-range goals and create distinct steps to success!

  • Development of cross-channel multi-faceted advertising and outreach campaigns 

  • Establishment of revenue targets, marketing budgets and campaign goals

  • Review of key performance indicators to develop new business approaches

  • In-depth market research

Social Media Campaigns

There are very few business that cannot benefit from an effective social media presence and strategy.


Whether you want to optimize your e-commerce needs, support your sales force or create brand awareness, it is essential to choose the right marketing program to address your business situation and creating new purchasing paths.  

Get more of out your social media outreach than likes.  Move your social media presence from pretty to profitable.

  • Development of coordinated social media campaigns with engagement opportunities

  • Google Ad Campaign Management

  • SEO of all content and ads

  • Keyword research and optimization

  • Creation of interactive events on digital platforms

à la carte

Just need help with a single project?  Or for a limited time?  Just want to get the groundwork to be able to put your own systems in place?

I can assist your firm with a variety of short-term needs!

  • Marketing strategy audits and plan creation

  • Client retention audit and program creation

  • Product, brand or company launch assistance

  • Guidance and brainstorming sessions

  • Content creation by project

  • Editorial services by hour