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Editorial Services

Do you have the resources to create creative content internally but need guidance on executing it? 

Utilizing an outside editorial service can maximize your internal resources and talent pool while minimizing your marketing costs. Each type of editorial service addresses a different need which will help you take your content to the next level.


Taking editing to a deeper and more comprehensive level, a thorough editing of a single piece or a set of collateral can make a difference in the overall impression your firm presents to the market.

This service is appropriate for larger projects such as non-fiction books, white papers, web content, manuals, and themed customer support material.

  • Review of total concept and presentation of ideas

  • Examination of structure, internal flow, pacing and information presentation 

  • Audit of overall messaging for consistency in conjunction with business goals and brand voice

  • Constructive feedback for rewrites, audience targeting and comprehensive changes


Where developmental editing considers your overall work on a concept level, copy editing goes down to line-by-line and word-by-word detail on individual pieces.​

This service is most appropriate for shorter pieces such as blog posts, articles, interviews, individual sales support pieces, brochures, point-of-purchase displays, product instructions, and labeling.

  • Identification of punctuation and sentence structure issues

  • Review of  copy for phrase use, word choice and readability

  • Assessment of consistency of tone within the piece in conjunction with brand voice

  • Improvement of flow and readability

  • Completion of minor rewrites for clarity and flow


Proofreading is the last step for your content before release. Copy with proper grammar, correct spelling, and a professional style shows your customers and colleagues your dedication to getting the details right.
This service is best for final reviews before pieces go to print or are published.

  • Thorough check for correct grammar, punctuation and spelling

  • Review and check of all proper names, addresses, and phone numbers

  • Final review of formatting and readiness for printing

  • Verification of indexing, citations and internal references

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