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Shar Shaw Creative | Marketing and Communications Specialist

Shar Shaw

Practically Creative
Communications &
Marketing Solutions

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  • client communication

  • promotional materail

  • ghost writing

  • web content development

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  • developmental editing

  • copy editing

  • proofreading

  • structure and flow analysis

  • brand and identity management

  • comprehensive marketing action plans

  • social media campaigns

  • market research 

  • By-the-hour editorial and copywriting services

  • Ideation sessions

  • Freelance on a by-project bases

  • Special projects and initiatives


My Practical  

Communication that Produces Positive Revenue Results 
You can be present on all the right social media platforms and have beautiful outreach campaigns and still not generate solid sales. Fun and funky content can produce loads of online engagement but is that working for you? Does it produce new  clients? Is it costing you more than you are gaining?

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If that engagement does not translate into sustainable profit, then your campaign may be missing the mark. Make sure your message and how you deliver it is actually serving your bottom line.


No matter how you deliver your sales message, it must still educate and entice your potential buyer.  Your outreach needs to convert into paying clients.  You need to reach the right target market, communicate the right information and create solid purchasing opportunities.  Don’t mistake your Click-Through Rate. for closings.. Measure success in solid generated revenue.  


I focus on balancing creative approaches with a careful business analysis of product, brand, customer behavior and corporate goals.This strategy allows me to craft a long-range plan which is as unique as your individual business. I outline economically viable and executable actions which you can start immediately.  I then work with you to establish appropriate marketing initiatives and sales goals for each stage of the customer journey, from lead generation to post-purchase engagement. The goal is to build sustainable and operable systems which can be efficiently implemented by your own team.  


We can create, streamline and expand the depth of your client interactions together, using your own irreplaceable knowledge of your product and target market .  I put the work in upfront to assess your company's needs and situation to develop long-term concrete goals and targeted actions.  My priority is .to determine the best way to apply your existing resources for effective results.   I can deliver cost-effective solutions for your client communications and customer development needs.

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